This project emerged from a one week design residency (akin to an artist residency) at Slip Rabbit Studio in collaboration with founder and technocrafter Timea Tihanyi. Slip Rabbit is a ceramic studio which works with 3D printed porcelain pieces. Over the course of the week, we developed a workflow for logging and parsing IoT data collected in a home, in this case home noise levels. This data was used to drive the texture on the surface of the 3D printed cups: bumps on the cup represented louder moments of the day.

This project aims at foregrounding data by materializing it in everyday objects and everyday materials like porcelain.

Collaborator: Timea Tihanyi / Slip Rabbit Studio

Desjardins, A., Tihanyi, T. (2019).
ListeningCups: A Case of Data Tactility and Data Stories. In Proc. DIS'19 (pictorial), New York, ACM Press.(acceptance rate: 27%)